Why passport-republic?

I might have been born in Costa Rica, but every single piece of land i have stepped on, every person i have met and every  stamp on my passport help define me as a person. I am, like many others, a citizen of the World, and for that my home is where ever my passport can take me.

Who is Mario Arguello?Selfie at the Rock

Well obviously that’s me. A traveler from Costa Rica, that just wants to keep on traveling. I want to see the world, and i want to share that world with everyone on it. I want to share my experiences and stories with you and encourage you to make your own. Also i’m the guy in the picture.

Why the Travel Blog?

Many reasons, first i like to share my stories and hopefully inspire you to get out there. Also i will provide you with what i think can be valuable information on where to go, what to do, and other traveling tips. But mainly its because i can get some money out of this to keep myself on the road.

What’s in it for You?

Well, as i said you will get traveling tips. You will get links to useful websites to plan your next move. And you will get to read about my stories, the good ones might give you the little push you need to make your own stories and the bad ones will let you know, that when you are alone in the dark and cold road, i has happen to others, you wont die and it will be a great story afterwords.

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